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A Milestone for Snooker's Legacy

Proof of Snooker's Legacy

Last night was an important evening. Snooker’s Legacy has been edited in the print proof version and was sent back to Kevin, my formatting guy, for the final adjustments to the manuscript. I don’t know what his schedule is, but as soon as I get it back and uploaded to KDP I can order a final proof copy. If things are good I can approve it for printing and e-book availability. Being able to tell you all about it feels like a major event happening.

For all who commented on Max’s passing, thank you. We had the little boy for almost 17 years and that’s a long time for a Cocker Spaniel. He is really missed. It’s strange how a little dog can leave such a big hole in your life after he’s gone. Love them when you can because you don’t have them forever. But when you have them, what a difference in the quality of life they give you.

Thanks for your interest in my books. I am working on the sixth book, SIX. Since I don’t have a title for it yet, I just call it SIX. Original, I know. I’ll let you all know when Snooker’s Legacy is available.

Regards …


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