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          SEVEN GHOSTS

Available in Print and E-Book

Follow Matt Preston in a new enthralling adventure.  Get you copy today at

It was just a four-line story on the back of a newspaper, a hit and run in the middle of the night, but the victim brought back Viet Nam memories for Matt Preston.  Another member from his clandestine group was dead.  Seven men came home and now only two were left; curiously, five had died within the last six months.  As Matt investigates each death, he realizes he and Walter are the next on this mad hit list.  Fearing for their lives they run just ahead of the mysterious forces intent on wiping them out.  The two have run afoul of powerful people desperate to keep a long-ago mission buried.  Can they stay one step ahead of death as they unravel a mystery that is decades old?

Get your copy on kindle or print today.


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