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Paul lives in North Fort Myers Florida with his wife Sandy and their beautiful American Cocker Spaniels, Bijou and Boots, better known as "the Kids".  For those fans who knew we had three dogs, our sweet Bean, in September 2017, and in February 2019 our boy Max both went to the rainbow bridge.  In February 20121 our Samantha made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  We miss them tremendously, so much we got two new babies (Bijou and Boots).  Paul now complains that he is surrounded by females, but secretly he loves it. 

Born and raised in Seattle and now transplanted to Florida Paul wanted to start a new business venture but his wife convinced him they were retired, so now he writes novels and short stories to fill up his day. A graduate of Western Washington University in Education, Paul taught for 4 years and became self-employed when he left teaching.


Over the years he has owned and operated a number of businesses, where he has met many interesting and unusual people who often tell him the most astonishingly personal things that he may use in his books with names and places changed to protect the innocent.  


Paul's motto is "Caution: you may end up in my next novel".

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