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Paul began writing  as an way to record the interesting things and people he dealt with on a daily basis during his working careers.  Now that he has retired he is devoting more and more time to his writing, due to the encouragement he has received from his readers and fans .....


ISBN 9780692654149

​When Matt Preston plays poker with the guys, all bets are off. When the owner of the houseboat he won gets murdered, Matt's checkered military past puts the target on him. Walking a thin line through Seattle between the cops, a beautiful stranger, the girl next door and a hidden enemy, Matt has to wonder if he should have taken that bet...


ISBN 9780692698891

​Take another wild ride thorough the streets of Seattle as Matt's past and present lives collide.  Once again a poker buddy taps Matt Preston for his connections to solve a problem. On top of that, problems from his past resurface. Follow Matt through the labyrinth of classified former military service, roller-coaster love life, and a friend's traumatized and missing daughter. He's starting to think twice about poker night.


ISBN 9781544640907


Once again Matt Preston is off on an errand of mercy for a friend that takes a turn so unexpected he finds himself having to use his long dormant undercover skills to help his friend and stay alive. Jetting from one side of the country to the other in search of an international hacker known as the notorious Gypsy Queen, Matt is dancing a razor's edge of twists and turns which leaves his current love interests wanting and his social life in shambles.

QQS-cover jpg.jpg
Quick, Quick, Slow
ISNB 9781987705428
Matt finds himself drawn in to another mission helping a friend; however, this time the violence of the hornet's nest surprise even him. Still tending his wounds from that adventure, Matt decides to lead a quieter life, but an old army pal has what looks like a safe bet... only to find that the world of ballroom dance has a seamy side of its own, complete with a tangled web of deceit and murder.
Bronze Book Award.png
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Snooker's Legacy (Bronze Award Winner)
ISNB 9781733721509
The world of politics, cars and things Matt does for friends all come rushing at him just when he is feeling most vulnerable, and still not over his last adventure.  Matt never expected to deal with Snooker's Legacy so soon, but he must, and he needs to figure out how to deal with the issues it presents.  At the same time Matt reluctantly agrees to help another friend find answers to a decades old problem that could reach  out to derail his political ambitions.  Follow Matt as he unravels the Gordian Knot of his own fragile psyche, his friend's dilemma, and a legacy he didn't expect.
ISBN 9781733721515 (e-book)
        9781733721530 (print)
“No good deed goes unpunished” and when old friends John Orchard and Todd Hoss beg for his help, Matt discovers how true the adage can be. While trying to help, Matt becomes embroiled in the theft of 347 million intended for payment on a catch of arms headed for the UIAB. Join Matt on his madcap adventures as he flies from coast to coast and off to Europe to as he tries to solve the various conundrums he encounters along the way.
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