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Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite 5 STARS

Paul Shadinger's 347 Million: A Matt Preston Novel is an intriguing thriller that puts readers on the edge of their seats as they follow a well-rounded protagonist on a dangerous ride after a stolen fortune. When John calls Matt, asking for a favor, Matt knows it is something he can handle even if it is about a super-secret meeting between two dangerous people, Salvatore Zampuchini and Abdulaleem al-Zaman. But when things escalate to the theft of 347 million, which is supposed to be payment for arms headed for the UIAB, Matt knows he is in a dangerous game he never bargained for, and it takes him across countries as he tries to solve the mystery. Run-ins with the mafia, loose ends, and nonstop action are just a few of the hurdles he faces in this adventure. But can he find the missing money?

Paul Shadinger writes like a pro, and from the opening gambling scenes, the reader is pulled in by the strong drama and the interesting dialogues. The characters are rock-solid, including the leader of the United Islamic Brotherhood of Allah (UIBA), the President-elect of the US, and the head of the Italian mafia. Characters like John and Mousse are deftly written and they are quirky, deepening the humor. It is smart and suspenseful and twisty. The author keeps readers guessing, and this is a quality of the storytelling craft that elevates the entertainment potential of the novel. The suspense begins with the way John communicates his request, and it continues with plot points that keep readers wondering what happens next. Paul Shadinger's 347 Million: A Matt Preston Novel is an action-packed, imaginative story that offers a delightful reading


Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite 5 STARS

Paul Shadinger's 347 Million: A Matt Preston Novel is a thriller charged with action and nerve-jerking twists. For Matt, it is supposed to be a favor for his old friends, John and Todd. It should have been simple. But not when he gets embroiled in an intriguing plot of theft. It is not a small sum, but $347 million reserved as payment for arms destined for the UIAB. Now he is in a race to solve a problem he never asked for and thrust into the middle of a conspiracy that gets as labyrinthine as it can be with every move he makes, with mounting danger as he follows the trail.

Filled with wit, adventure, and nonstop action, 347 Million: A Matt Preston Novel is an intoxicating spine-tingling kind of novel. Paul Shadinger establishes himself as a master entertainer with this story and creates the kind of protagonist that readers want to keep company with. The characters are well-developed and fleshed out and the sophistication in character becomes central in this novel. The protagonist responds to a simple request and finds himself racing across countries to solve a crime of great magnitude with strong political implications. The narration is superb and the prose is crisp and littered with enjoyable dialogues. The core strength of this novel is in the deft handling of conflict and Paul Shadinger writes it in a way that keeps the plot unpredictable. The novel has an irresistible appeal to fans of suspenseful thrillers and intrigue — I devoured it in one sitting.

Reviewed By Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite 4 STARS

If you enjoy spy thrillers involving terrorist groups, mafia organizations, and global intelligence agencies, 347 Million by Paul Shadinger is just the book for you. Matt Preston is a former war veteran and federal agent whose laidback life in North Fort Myers is interrupted when his boss, Admiral John Orchard, summons him to Washington, D.C., and seeks his help on a covert operation. Sent to gather information on a potential arms deal between members of a global terrorist organization and the West Coast Mafia, Matt's trip to Craig, Alaska, turns sour when he finds himself in the midst of a shootout. Things get further complicated for Matt when his former bank manager pays him a visit and seeks his help in getting him off law enforcement's radar involving a case amounting to 347 million.

Shadinger's 347 Million will entertain fans of James Bond movies and readers who love thrillers involving espionage and undercover agents. Fast-paced with multiple twists and turns along the way, the novel holds the reader's attention from start to finish with plenty of action and intrigue alongside a healthy dose of romance. The plotting felt intricate, and the characters seem unique and authentic. Matt Preston is an absorbing protagonist and his relationship with his boss John Orchard and his girlfriend Lois were the highlights of the book for me. Author Paul Shadinger gradually reveals details about Matt's past that add layers to his character. Overall, I enjoyed 347 Million. I would recommend it to lovers of spy novels.

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