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  • Paul Shadinger

Matt is leaving Seattle

We went out to visit Seattle at the beginning of August and were stunned by the changes made over the last 4 years. Between the 60+ hours to drive the 3,700 miles and how messed up Seattle has become, I see now that for me, going back to live there again is no longer an option. Since it appears for now Fort Myers is home, I will need to help Matt do the move as well. There are lots of interesting things to see and do and I am sure Matt will eventually find a card game he can get involved in.

Stay tuned as Matt and I figure out what to do in Florida. Since the weather is so hard on a vehicle, Matt will probably have to sell some of his cars. Between the sun rotting the tires and baking and blistering the paint on the car, keeping an older car in good repair becomes a real struggle. The one thing that Matt has discovered in Florida is that it has just as many, if perhaps not more, beautiful ladies to keep his days and nights filled.

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