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Give to a Worthy Cause

I got this the other day as an email and as everyone knows I am a Veteran and a consummate Dog Lover. This seems to be a worthwhile cause, and I believe that we need to do more to help our Vets. Let's donate and help not only our Veterans but the thousands of homeless dogs who need a forever home. See the link and information below.


Pups4Patriots - American Humane Society

Over the course of my 18 months in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I survived 21 improvised explosive device blasts, which left me with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) that caused migraines and memory loss. Add that to my posttraumatic stress (PTS) symptoms – including anxiety and flashbacks – and additional physical issues that caused ongoing pain, I was spiraling down a dangerous path that many veterans cannot return from. Luckily, I received a highly trained service dog named Oliver at no cost to me through American Humane’s Pups4Patriots™ program, which pairs dogs in need of forever homes with veterans struggling with posttraumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Oliver can sense when I’m feeling anxious, and calms me when I’m nearing a panic attack. He helps me sleep, which is difficult because of my TBI, and is always by my side. Thanks to him, I’m now able to go out in public and interact with other people. I’m a better father to my two children. With Oliver by my side, I can even cheer my son on from the sidelines of his football games. In the year that I’ve had him, Oliver has truly changed my life. I know more than most how transformative a service dog can be for a veteran struggling with PTS and TBI, which is why I want to help put more healing leashes in the hands of veterans like me. With millions of dogs waiting for forever homes each year – and an estimated 20 veterans committing suicide every day – we can’t afford to wait.


In honor of National Service Dog Month, please make a donation to American Humane to support their life-changing, lifesaving programs that help our nation’s military members on both ends of the leash. Respectfully, John Gerula United States Marine Corporal

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