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A Magical Book Signing

Sunday, 1/19/20

What a great day yesterday. After the fiasco in Venice and the bummer on Matlacha I wasn't too sure what to expect but yesterday was a lot of fun. We met a lot of really nice folks and sold 41 books. I also learned that one cannot sit in an ice cream parlor for three and a half hours and not eventually succumb to the wonderful smells and indulge in an ice cream cone. I’d never really thought much about ice cream having a smell, but Sylwia’s little shop is filled with wonderful smells and finally, by the end of the event, I had to have a cone. Don’t know if it tasted better because I had to endure the smells for so long or if it just was a better batch of Heath Bar Ice Cream, but my cone was amazing. Sylwia’s truly has wonderful ice cream.

I’m starting to look around for another location to have a book signing. My eye is almost healed, and I should be able to start writing again soon. After yesterday, I’m recharged and ready to go.

If you attended the event, thank you. If you didn’t, you really missed out on a great ice cream cone and a fun time. Perhaps next time?

And, thank you Sylwia and Brad for hosting the book signing event. I am most grateful for your kindness. Sylwia’s ice cream is almost as sweet as she is, close, but not quite. Thank you, kind people. I adore you.

Our setup ready to go

Our hosts Sylwia and Brad Mills

John and Sally Mescher, AYC neighbors and loyal fans

Paul hard at work, pen in hand

And then there is the day after.....

The day after the awsome book signing.

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