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Catching Up - Busy Fall Season


It’s been a hectic few weeks around here. After our trip out to Seattle for my 55 high school reunion in September, life got a little crazy. Sandy’s mother was up in Minnesota in hospice and we made several trips up to see her until she passed away mid-October. During this time, I knew there was something wrong with me, but my focus was more on Sandy and helping her deal with her issues. When we got back from the memorial service in MN, I didn’t feel well, and I was persuaded to go to the ER.

It turned out my heart rate was in the low 30’s and I needed a pacemaker installed; immediately! Ego wise, I really wasn’t prepared for that. I thought things like that were only for old people, not me. I was wrong. So now I have this little device that kicks in and ups my heart rate when necessary. It is wireless and next to my bed is a machine that every night checks on things and then phones the doctor's office and sends the information on what’s going on with my heart. Ain’t technology wonderful? I’m also still getting pestered about more tests, and I know I’ll have to deal with those.

On a more positive note, Quick, Quick, Slow, Matt Preston’s fourth novel covering his latest adventures will be out shortly. Right now, the manuscript is being formatted for e-readers and for print books. I’m shooting for mid-December for the release. I’ll post another blog when things are ready to go.

The fifth novel is about 65% done. I’m aiming for late winter to early spring for that release. The working title for the fifth novel is “Snooker’s Legacy”. As they say, stay tuned.

I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas season. Best wishes to all.


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